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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

THE SPHINX - new album coming soon!

great news: New writings of Sananda online & video from CONFESSIONS OF A ZOOATHAHOLIC!

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of :

+ Sananda Maitreya's THE SPHINX (in CD and Mastered Mp3)

+ Sananda Maitreya's THE SPHINX - Instrumentals (n Mp3)

+ Sananda Maitreya & The Nudge Nudge - CONFESSIONS OF A ZOOATHAHOLIC (Live Mp3 Album)

Enjoy and stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2 concerts coming in Switzerland in October 2009

October 2, 2009

Concert Sananda Maitreya @ La Birraria

Tickets: CH 25 // 17 Euro
Age 18+

La Birraria
Piazzale Fox Town
Mendrisio, 6850

Tel +41 (0)91 630 03 30
Fax +41 (0)91 630 23 88

October 6, 2009

Concert Sananda Maitreya @ Grand Casino Basel

18+ / ID required / Dresscode

Tickets: CH 30 // 20 Euro

Grand Casino Basel
Flughafenstrasse 225
4025 BASEL

Tel +41(0)61 327 20 20


Friday, December 14, 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


EXTRA CONCERT Sananda Maitreya and with FREE ENTRANCE!

Saturday 10.11.07:

Airport Club (in Casino)

Flughafenstrasse 215


Saturday, October 20, 2007


Sananda Maitreya released "Angels & Vampires - Volume I & Volume II" as a 2 CD SET LIMITED EDITION.

The "Angels & Vampires" albums feature 40 tracks, 39 originals plus a cover of the Rolling Stones "Angie'

Available at his online music store and at his coming concerts of the


Forthcoming European dates are:

Sat 27.10.07: Fnac - Milano, ITALY
Mon 29.10.07: La Salumeria della Musica - Milano, ITALY
Wed 31.10.07: Cargo De Nuit - Arles, FRANCE
Fri 02.11.07: Bikini - Barcelona, SPAIN
Sat 03.11.07: Sála Camara Kursaal - San Sebastian, SPAIN
Mon 05.11.07: La Maroquinerie - Paris, FRANCE
Wed 07.11.07: Handelsbeurs - Gent, BELGIUM
Thu 08.11.07: Waerdse Tempel - Heerhugowaard, THE NETHERLANDS
Sun 11.11.07: Hiroshima Mon Amour - Torino, ITALY
Tue 13.11.07: Circolo degli artisti - Roma, ITALY
Wed 14.11.07: Vox - Modena, ITALY

'Angels & Vampires' 2 CD Limited Edition

'Angels & Vampires' 2 CD Limited Edition


Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Press Release:


Sat 27.10.07:

Mon 29.10.07:

Wed 31.10.07:

Fri 02.11.07:

Sat 03.11.07:

Mon 05.11.07:

Wed 07.11.07:

Thu 08.11.07:

Sun 11.11.07:

Tue 13.11.07:

Wed 14.11.07:


La Salumeria della Musica

Cargo De Nuit


Sala Camara Kursaal

La Maroquinerie


Waerdse Tempel

Hiroshima Mon Amour

Circolo degli Artisti


Milano, ITALY

Milano, ITALY


Barcelona, SPAIN

San Sebastian, SPAIN




Torino, ITALY


Modena, ITALY

To announce the tour there will be a show-case in Milano, on Saturday Oct 27th at Fnac at 6 pm together with the worldwide release of a 2CD Limited Edition of the album “Angels & Vampires”.

On Monday Oct 29th at 11 pm Sananda will be at La Salumeria della
for the Live Radio Show Rockfiles @ Radio Lifegate.
In these concerts Sananda will be performing with his “two men orchestra”, The Nudge Nudge,Nik Taccori on Drums and Enea Bardi on Bass, two Italian musicians.

Sananda Maitreya
back in 2001 legally abandoned his previous artistic name
Terence Trent D’Arby, a change that did not had any impact on his amazing voice and wonderful multi-skilled talent as a songwriter, arranger, performer and producer.
Multi-platinum artist comes back to perform live around Europe to introduce
“Angels & Vampires”, a double CD with 40 new songs except for "Angie", an homage to one of his early heroes, The Rolling Stones.

The album is available in Mp3 format at the ecommerce link of the website and also from Oct 19th 2007 in 2 CD limited edition at

For more information or interview requests please contact the SM Press Office in Milano at
- official website:


2007 – Nigor Mortis ® – A Critical Mass
2006 – Angels & Vampires (Volume I & II)
2003 – WildCard! The Jokers’ Edition
2002 – Greatest Hits
1995 – Vibrator
1993 – Symphony or Damn
1989 – Neither Fish Nor Flesh
1987 – Introducing the Hardline According to TTD
1987 – The Touch - Early Works


Sananda Maitreya was born in New York - USA on March 15th, 1962. Since his childhood he had a very special relationship with music: at the age of 6 he started playing drums and at the age of 2 started singing along with the Beatles. His mother Frances Howard Darby is a Gospel singer. Sananda spent his childhood living all over America, including stints in New York, Chicago, New Jersey and Florida, where he graduated at Deland High School and where he was a member of the group ‘Modernaires’. Back in those years he also boxed and won the Golden Gloves Title in 1980. He entered The University of Central Florida in Orlando, studying Journalism but left after 1 year to became a US soldier for the U.S. Army and was sent to Germany (in the same regiment that Elvis Presley also earlier served in).

After 3 years of military life, Sananda dropped it to dedicate himself fully to his real passion: the music. He became the lead singer of ‘The Touch’ a self contained German band. In 1986 moved to London and in 1987 his debut album: “Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D'Arby” came out and gave him international fame. The album, published in 1987 sold more than 3 million copies the day of its release, and more than 12 millions all over the world. It is remembered for the hits: "If You Let Me Stay" "Wishing Well", "Dance Little Sister", "Sign Your Name" and made Sananda win a Grammy Award on March 1988 as Best R&B Vocal Performance, Male. In June 1988 Sananda was portrayed on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and got a nomination as “Top International Newcomer”at the British Awards. In 1989he got 3 Nominations at the International Rock Awards as: Best Album (“Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D'Arby”), Best Single (“Wishing Well”), and Best New Artist. This will be the last time he received major record companies support, as after the success of this initial project the record company that he was signed to, Columbia, was bought by Sony.

The artistic path of Sananda, after his tremendous international success, continued with his second project: “Neither Fish Nor Flesh” published in 1989. The album for his advanced and modern sonorities is still used nowadays in places like Japan as a medical therapy to assist patients in coma and other brain related traumas. In 1991 Sananda moved to Los Angeles and published in 1993 his third album: “Symphony or Damn”. This amazing album contains famous hits, such as "Frankie and Johnny" (soundtrack of the so called movie with Michelle Pfeiffer and Al Pacino, “Frankie and Johnny”), the album is also well known for the songs "Delicate", “She kissed me” and “Let her down easy”. In 1995 “Vibrator”, his fourth project, is released. The album, as was the previous project “Symphony or Damn”, was fully recorded and produced by the artist at the Monasteryo in Los Angeles, Sananda’s home studio and was followed by a world tour from 1995 to 1996. In those years Sananda also wrote several sound-tracks for Hollywood films (FRANKIE & JOHNNY; PRET-A-PORTER; THE FAN; BEVERLY HILLS COP III; THE PROMISED LAND; SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL; LOVE BEAT THE HELL OUTTA ME), and also worked as an actor in 1998 in "Clubland” and in 1999 as Jackie Wilson for CBS mini-series "Shake, Rattle & Roll".

On June 12th 1999 he played with INXS for Sydney’s Olympic Stadium Opening concert. In 2000 his fifth album “WildCard!” is ready and will be no longer released with his label CBS then Sony Music, which
published his previous albums, but released as an independent artist. Sananda in the same year left America for Munich – Germany. After a first free download release on the official website in 2001 “WildCard!” is released with the artist independent label and Universal distribution in Germany, Italy and Japan. The Album got very positive reviews by the critics and contains the singles: “O Divina”, “Saying about you” and “What Shall I Do”.

Year 2001 is a very important one for Sananda, that on Oct 4th legalized his new name, Sananda Maitreya, and dropped his previous artistic name Terence Trent D’Arby, although privately and to his friends he has been Sananda since 1995. In December 2001 he played in Rome for the Concerto in Vaticano 2001 and met Pope John Paul II. In 2002 he moved to Milano, Italy where he re-released his fifth album in “WildCard! The Jokers’ Edition” and changed few tracks, the album is distributed independently all over the world. In 2002 and 2003 there is another world tour with more than 30 concerts to introduce the new album, there are some very important festivals and also U.S. TV shows such as the “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and the “Orlando Jones Show” in L.A.

On June 30th 2003 Sananda got married for the first time in Assisi, in Saint Frances Basilica with Francesca Francone Maitreya, an Italian architect and anchor-woman, and also a long time friend since 1995. After the WildCard! World Tour Sananda started recording his sixth project, his very first to be fully recorded in Italy.

In Florence in April 2003 Sananda recorded “Daddy can I have a war?” and “She knows I’m leaving”, two songs dedicated to soldiers of the war in Iraq, after he continued the project in Milano. Sananda initially released the album in chapters and then in the mastered version: on June 29th 2005 “Angels & Vampires –Volume I” and April 29th 2006 “Angels & Vampires – Volume II”. "Angels & Vampires" is available at the ecommerce of the official website and has 40 new songs with one exception, the cover of “Angie” an homage to The Rolling Stones.

On October 19th 2007 the album will be released as a 2 CD Limited Edition with TREEHOUSE PUBLISHING.

The style of the album is Post Millennium Rock, its main elements are heart and soul, its nature is passion, courage and curiosity and it acknowledges no rules but the goal to lead the listener back to his heart, to provoke his mind and re-approach him to his true feelings. Sananda played all instruments in the recording and personally wrote, arranged, produced and performed the whole album with Treehouse Publishing.

He also made two video clips of “Bella faccina” and “South Side Run”, recorded in HD format.

Multi-platinum artist Sananda Maitreya is currently promoting "Angels
& Vampires"
with his Italian 2 men orchestra, “the Nudge Nudge”: Nik ‘The Sticks’ Taccori on Drums and Enea ‘il Conte’ Bardi on bass. He played at the Blue Note Milano and at Viper Theatre in Firenze.

From October 27th 2007 Sananda will be on tour with his “ANGELS &
with 11 concerts in Europe:

His collaborations with Hollywood films continue, three hits are in fact inside the movie “Knocked Up” directed by Judd Apatow.

has been an internet presence since the late ‘90s and was one of the fist major artist to add credibility to the current explosion and acceptance of the internet music communication and Mp3. His model of communication and trading has been quietly adopted by many individual artists, new and established, as well as some labels themselves. He believed all along that the internet would be his path to true musical freedom, without in his words, “the usual gains and compromises”. His vision of Post Millennium Rock is music free of restrictions and marketing pressures.

In October 2007 Sananda also started recording his latest project: “Nigor Mortis ® - A Critical Mass” .The first chapter: ‘Dying is Easy (it is convincing your creditors that you are dead that is hard)’, with 5 new songs was released on October 10th in MP3 format from the official website:


PS the Artist Press Office kindly asks to quote the artist exclusively with the name Sananda Maitreya.

For more information or interview requests please contact the SM Press Office
in Milano at
- official website :



Saturday, October 13, 2007

'Nigor Mortis - A Critical Mass' - NEW music from Sananda Maitreya!

Sananda Maitreya presents the 1st Chapter, with 5 songs, of his new project:
'Nigor Mortis ® - A Critical Mass'

1) If I Just Stay With You
2) These Stones
3) The Lost HighWay
4) A Wife Knows
5) Cowboys & Injuries

Available for you to download at:

Lyrics & Credits you can read here:

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sananda @ Rock Oz'Arènes - - August 18, 2007 - VIDEO

Extract from the concert @ Rock Oz Arènes Festival - Avenches - Switzerland - August 18, 2007

Sananda's Off. YouTube Channel with over 75 videos:

Thursday, August 09, 2007


With excitement & gratitude I am pleased to announce the beginning of the European leg of the

Our staff at Treehouse and the Nudge Nudge are looking forward to our intimate gatherings in venues chosen to maximize the appreciation of new life and its possibilities for fresh creation and joy! Join us ;-) and thank you very much for your encouragement, support and interest.

Namasté and Rock On!


Thanks to Adam Elfin at First Contact Agency for his assistance and to our promoters in Europe.

PS Please visit our new ecommerce at